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Welcome To BigFootZombie.Com

Welcome to Big Foot Zombie Magazine! This is the place to visit if you want to know more about where the big guy has been roaming. We also discuss his Zombie status and if this "mythical" creature is actually wandering your neighborhood parks. It may seem odd but sightings in local parks are not as rare as you may think.

Who is BigFoot Zombie?

Who is Big Foot? What is a Zombie? These are all questions we seek to answer and explore. There are many of us that decide to believe in the supernatural and unknown. Why not study and find actual people who have sincerely come accross the big foot zombie? All who believe are welcomed to this site. All those who doubt are also encouraged to read the featured stories. We are not saying all our stories are true. We too seek to find the light regarding this mysterious and enigmatic subject.

Also, coming soon are updates on interesting Big Foot Zombie related projects including the prestigious New York Fringe Festival's "Zombie Wedding" as well as the work from the producers of Lights Camera Read at the New York Public Library - "Magic Neighbors: You Can't Borrow Honey from a Zombie".


"I firmly believe that because the new novel work in progress "Magic Neighbors; You Can't Borrow Honey From A Zombie" will contribute to the achievement of world peace if the video diary Thrillumentary is realeased first. Why? Because the video upon which the novel is based more graphically and needless to say visually conveys the sense of bullying and denial that leads to all wars. Join me in attempting to convince the author, Manhattan magician, to show us the video first."

- Space Man NYC, President of Harry Poter Fan Club NYC