John Stamos presents to Bigfoot Zombie “The Hairy Hero Award”

The Stamas Bros, famous for having a last name that is one letter different than that of “Full House” actor John Stamos, go in search of BigFoot Zombie and take many intentionally blurry photos in the process. They know that a slightly out of focus image is more readily accepted as being genuine.

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Unfortunately, when random photographers are getting the “money shot” of the beast, they are too close and snap a crystal clear likeness of the mythical creature. Even though they have taken a remarkably crisp shot of BigFoot Zombie, they quickly shoot another one where they shake the camera and achieve the more accepted alternative where the viewer has to squint to make anything out. John Stamos was not available for comment. John Stamos’ last name ends with “os” rather than the Stamas Bros’ “as.”

BigFoot Zombie is the new and improved photo quest of the creature formerly known as just BigFoot. To ensure that BigFoot Zombie is even more popular than the mere B.F., the Stamas Bros – who are known for their unique marketing ability to make legends up to 30% more legendary (results may vary) – have been called in by the B.F.Z.F.C.O.T.O.C.N.M. (BigFoot Zombie Fan Club of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico) to develop this new mythical creature craze.

Because things that have two names are allegedly much more cool than simply having a single moniker, the Stamas Bros coin the title “Sasquatch Undead.” The term Sasquatch Undead is immediately shot down by the P.W.W.T.E.T.S.B.T.C.S.T.(People Who Want Things Easy to Spell Because They Can’t Spell Themselves) who demand that an alternative set of words be come up with that don’t contain a “Q.”

Meanwhile, there a big things afoot. A grassroot movement is started that have the cause of getting rid of Big Foot Zombie for fear that brand not has had enough exposure on the cover of the “National Enquirer.” In a shocking turn of events, it is discovered that the movement is allegedly secretly being run by the National Enquirer’s competing paper “Weekly World News” that, as can be seen by this websites’ header, has been done to death. Just as in life, let’s hope it is actually all just a satire. Stamas Bros Photo of BigFootZombie that bears striking resemblance to famous one of B.F.