Frightening or Meaningful, Yet Traumatic, Thoughts?

In the USA it is Friday, October 21, and in 10 days there will be a celebration, but, not for what you might think.

What you are about to experience is intended as being for entertainment purposes only.

We say this because we are about to go inside of Bigfoot Zombie’s brain. And it is a scary place. You are being warned. The reason we are sharing this macabre presentation is because BFZ wanted to be with us a week from now. To try to win the important day a week from today, was his original idea. But we are reserving it for a topic dear to our heart that will be celebrated on the 29th 3 days before the 31st. But October 31st will not be having a festive mood for what you might think. We will see you then. And in the meantime, to placate Bigfoot Zombie we gave him this today’s slot in the schedule instead of the 28th.

Go for it Bigfoot Zombie!

I am afraid.

Hello and welcome to my brain. The folks at USA Make a Difference gave me today to do my act rather than a week from now. I am doing this as written words because I can not speak. I can only growl. Yet, my thoughts are lucid. For various reasons some people get ghostly during this time of year. So in keeping with this idea I am now going to share my own frightful personal thoughts INSIDE MY BRAIN!

In the Full Moon of Tricks and Treats and Maniacs Wreaking Havoc!

Ghoulish Bigfoot Zombie, a Creature and Beast, who is Pathetically Vulnerable (Like a Large, Spike Covered Club Ready to Bash in Your Cerebral Cortex). You Desire a Way Out as Your Blood Curdling Lifestyle (DEATHstyle?!) into Entrepreneurial Doom! YOU are Bigfoot Zombie!

Since YOU are Bigfoot Zombie, Your Only Hope for Escaping the Pain is to Tank the Disastrous Negative Feelings Swimming inside YOU. This could Impede and Even Become the So-Called Chain Breaking Trapdoor to YOUR Problems on the special day, the 31st. Will You Make it Out Alive as Others Seeking “Salvation” instead of “Scare-vation?” You Can Too if You are Able to Take a Gamble on Your Shocking Solution Locked behind Your Creepy Computer.

Negativity has Reared its Disastrous Blood Curdling Face of Horror that Will Put in the Tailspin

Working from home can be agony. You face your personal demons. You feel like a lunatic with someone in the shadows lurking there and watching you. They are ready to melt you down with their menacing plans.

Turn Off My Wounded Outlook!

But then you caution yourself. Why let them do what they do? Yes, you are not crazy, just someone who over thinks things. In truth, the being that is prodding you, torturing you, and making sure you do not experience the positive, is you, of course. You can be your own poisoning worst deceiving and scary comrade.

It is Ever Looming!

It is laughable you had even just hoped for a solution. If there was one you would be the last one to, have it? Or you are the one to take the lead and show the kindred spirits in pain the way out? But how, if you have been bumbling through this undertaking, like a bomb ready to be set off, can be the buffoon, how can you help with ghosts and goblins?

Bad Ruminations will Annihilate YOU!

You have inherited this shattering, frightening, frantic perception. Even writing things using words like epidemic (referring to the now looming third stage of the evil pandemic), or worrisome figments of the English language like “cataclysmic,” you have been making some forward motion toward showing others how to get beyond the hall of mirrors reflecting hopelessness.

All will be fine as long as what has splintered is NOT a mirror. But wait, you look into the shard of the looking glass and there is no reflection. Could it be?!

Yours in fright,

Count Bigfoot Zombie!

Yianni Stamas’ COVID-19 Bigfoot Zombie Search

Corona Concerns

Yianni Stamas, digital author and web manager, is extremely worried that Bigfoot Zombie (also known as Sasquatch Undead) has contracted the Coronavirus. This theory is based on the most recent sighting of the big lug, which took place in Inwood Hill Park in Inwood Manhattan, NY, near where Yianni lives and works. Following is a brief report that Stamas wrote based on his investigation into the matter.

More Bravery and Thoughtfulness from the Medical Community

Hi, Yianni here. I researched the sighting and discovered that the person claiming to have seen the fabulous beast, is an NYC ambulance driver, who despite only having a brief chat with the mythical creature, noted (due to her medical background) that the otherworldly mammal seemed to have the symptoms of the deadly disease or variants including shortness of breath and coughing.

Images with a Tradition

But before she could recommend to the strange being that he should seek medical help, BZ vanished into the brush. In retrospect, the paramedic worries she may have offended him because she did not use her phone to take a “proof of Bigfoot Zombie existence” picture of him that as required (to match other such photos throughout history), needed to be blurry and out of focus. Also, Bigfoot Zombie was not wearing a mask, so she gave him one from her emergency supplies that she carries with her for occasions like this one.

A “Monster” is Having a Hard Time Getting Vaccinated

My personal theory about this sighting was that Bigfoot Zombie was crying out for help because he did not get his two vaccine shots. No medical records I was able to get access to get access had a listing stating that Bigfoot Zombie had been vaccinated. Of course, it is possible that he may have gotten the shots using a pseudonym. There was the name of one individual calling himself simply “Zombie” who had received the single shot version of the vaccine.

A Creditless Ghoul

I was excited that I had seemingly acquired a good lead, but it turns out that “Zombie” was just that, a zombie. In my video chat with Zombie, he claimed to have been an unlisted extra in the original 1968 version of “Night of the Living Dead.”

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Undead

When I did an online search, I discovered an odd website that said that Bigfoot Zombie had gotten in touch with the Zombie side of his family, and through clever horror makeup had been able to work as a background player for the NEWER 1990 version of “Night of the Living Dead.” In other words, his claim was that he was able to look less like a bigfoot and instead more resembling a zombie. But when I went onto the online actor database, Bigfoot Zombie was not included in the credits for “Living Dead” 1990. Poor BZ. Bigfoot Zombie we believe in you and want to thank you for your continued efforts to be caught in the “nick of time” on camera. Admittedly, Bigfoot still has the larger audience in terms of movies and reality shows, but we would take “Bigfoot Zombie” over a mere Bigfoot, any day!

Big Foot Zombie Offers Some of His Most Favorite Ways of Making Money Online

Save and Save and Save Again

With the availability of High Yield Online Savings Accounts, now more than ever, it is important to save. It is suggested that if you are working a job for “the man” that you divide your income into three different parts: (1) money you save, (2) your basic living needs, and (3) funds for pursuing your interests as well as for entertainment and other things that you do in your free time. Regardless of how much you make we believe that you should be saving and/or investing with at least 33 and 1/3 of your paycheck regardless of how small or big.

Offer a Service

So far, we have covered investing and saving as passive income streams. Another thing to consider is doing a service. Of course, the best possible way to do this is to not do the service yourself but to manage others who do it. Managing will take a bit of time, but this approach allows you to work on several different jobs with your staff at the same time thereby multiplying what you can make. And being that as of this writing many are staying at home and working via their computer, you have the option to make your service available digitally. The key here is to have a service that solves a problem that your customers have.

Apply Digital Transformation to Your Existing Business

Do you have an existing company that you would like to have more digital income streams? This is known as Digital Transformation and is important for those with their own entrepreneurial activities. It is recommended that they make certain they can convert the problem that they solve with a digital solution. If you have your own entity it is vital that you figure out ways to exist more in the digital domain. Why? Because now more than ever, digital is the key to what consumers are looking for so they can use them at home due to the Pandemic.

Create an Online Course

Consider making online courses. Are you an expert in something or do you know someone who is? Or even “know of” someone who is? Regardless, you can put together your own online course that is automated and delivers its educational information digitally. One way of doing this is having a membership website. Students of your course would gain access to this site that contains learning materials including web videos, text, downloadable PDFs and so on. This can be quite lucrative if your course offers the solution to a problem for which there are people in need.

Yianni Stamas Uncovers Bigfoot Zombie’s Age!

How Old is He?

We here at are very excited about yesterday’s Total Solar Eclipse and are intrigued to find out how many major eclipses this big hairy creature has experienced. Why? Because if we look at the eclipse timeline we might get a better idea on how old Bigfoot Zombie is, which is something he has never before been willing to disclose. We were also curious as to whether or not he was genetically linked to werewolves. And if so, will he howl when the eclipse occurs?

Will He Howl?

The results are in. He does not howl at the moon, but we can attest to the fact after watching the Total Solar Eclipse with him yesterday, he does seem to grunt more than usual. And yes, he shared with us the major eclipses he has lived through thereby indirectly revealing his age. Read below to see the list, courtesy of Wikipedia, of these eclipses as well as for the first time in history learn how many years this Sasquatch Undead has been among us.

Notable Eclipses During Bigfoot Zombie’s Life

29 May 1919: this total eclipse was photographed by Arthur Eddington to verify general relativity (see Eddington experiment)

20 June 1955: longest total eclipse between 1901 and 2000, lasting a maximum of 7 minutes and 8 seconds

30 June 1973: a Concorde jet flew along the path, thereby extending the length of totality to 74 min.

29 March 1987: second hybrid eclipse in less than one year

11 July 1991: Solar eclipse with the shortest gamma, of only -0.00412.

31 July 2000: the second solar eclipse within one calendar month, the first being on 2000 July 1.

14 December 2020: eclipse watched with B.Z.

We now know that our friend who wears a size 17 sneaker is at least 101 years old!

I Saw Bigfoot Zombie.

Hi my name is Janet. I’m a performance artist whose work is committed to give Native Americans the voice they deserve. I find it frustrating though because many Americans are not open to hearing the truth about Native Americans.

And yes, I saw Bigfoot Zombie. I was walking in Inwood Hill Park. For those of you who don’t know this park, it is located in a section of Manhattan, NY just north of Washington Heights named Inwood. It has a park where allegedly Native Americans sold to a traveler (for some beads), what was later to become New York City.

Yet another example of a suppression of Native Americans. I was thinking this as I walked to the cement block in the park that is supposedly located at the exact spot where the sale was made all those years ago.  It was starting to get dark and there was no one around most likely because of COVID-19.

Suddenly I heard a gravelly  male voice saying:

“Yes, the exact spot. Not such a great deal for the Native Americans.”

Without turning around my first thought was that this could be a dangerous man. I knew I had to be careful and sometimes the best way to be safe is to engage in a soft and mellow conversation.

I pivoted slowly and found myself face to face with Bigfoot Zombie wearing a medical mask as I was. He spoke.

“Good evening. You can believe that I will keep the 6 foot of distance from you. I hope I didn’t frighten you.”

I responded.

“Not at all. I’m a big fan.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I think it is deplorable the way the Native Americans have been treated over the years.”

“I agree with you Mr. Bigfoot Zombie.”

“Call me BFZ.”

And then BFZ and I engaged in a thoughtful and exciting conversation about the plight of Native Americans. And I must admit I got some great ideas for my next performance art piece.



How to BigFoot Zombie Become So Darn Popular?

Some say achieving fame is like trying to find your way out of the cold with no clearly marked signs so you are unsure of which way to go.

Gaining popularity is  not an easy task as a human. So think about how difficult it is for a big scraggly creature who feels the need to keep the legend going in a challenging new world!

We interviewed Big Foot Zombie for this post. Asking him if he had any tips for marketing for not just monsters, but also for humans. That interview was then condensed to this one drawing from the big dude interview into an all out beginner’s marketing course. Additionally, BFZ often lapsed into talking about fundraising and money as being necessary. Yes, even legendary beasts need the stock market now and then.

In short, sometimes the sign or method to get out of the freezing temperature is marketing. Why marketing? Because marketing, especially online marketing, can create a kind of pathway to get warm again.

Follow Your Gut if You Have a Gut Worth Following

Why online marketing? Because it gets you thinking about the presentation you will make when you need to enter certain doors. But more on marketing in just a moment, first we are going to take a look at investing. Yes, it’s true, aggressively working the market alone can be your way to achieve being a billionaire. But just investing sometimes is not enough to keep it interesting. You want to have fun in your climb to the top, don’t you? That is where marketing comes in. Even in your stocks action you can involve promotion.

A Way of Looking at Getting Prominence

Ever notice there are some billionaires who are better known than others? That is no accident, because those figures are having a good time with their ascending process financially. The fact you are reading this now signals that you are at least partially interested in promoting yourself. Why? Because this guide involves marketing and marketing can often mean self-promoting. Promoting yourself with online marketing and any other technology that is coming in the future, can assist you with your investing.

People Will Treat You Differently if You are a Celeb

There are pros and cons regarding pushing the fame button. On the one hand doors will open to you if you are well known, but on the other hand if the camera is on you when you blunder, it is going to be magnified.


He’s Elusive but Wants to be Marketed

It’s a little known fact that BigFootZombie had this site created by us because he wanted to get into “this website thing.”  The big guy contacted us recently by bird messenger saying he wanted to make a video. We at Home Business Achievers are not in the position right now to be doing things at no cost, so instead we created this video tutorial for him hoping he sees it from where ever he is. Here it is:

Another thing to keep in mind is that your video could be one of the first things they see on your site. This means that its script should make it clear to the viewer who you are and what you can do for them by either curing their disease or giving them hope.

Another consideration is that approximately 50% of your viewers will be watching your video on their phone, so it is important that you keep images and text in your video of a large size. This means that phone users will be able to better see what you have created for them.

As mentioned you can do this yourself on a video creation site or you can have someone else make it for you which is even better because it means of course that you are delegating and not weighing yourself down with monotonous tasks that waste your time. Additionally, you must be certain to end your video with a call to action or CTA. In other words, you must tell them the next steps they need to take to get what you are offering. At Home Business Achievers we have literally done hundreds of videos, many times for clients who are very well known. And each had its own unique CTA because each client had a different kind of offer to their viewers depending on who those viewers were.

CTAs can include having people subscribe to your newsletter and/or something that gives them an action to take right now in terms of buying from you immediately. If your service is digital such as an eBook PDF, MP4 video or Audio MP3 all the better. Why? Because they can buy from you what you have for them immediately. Your system can, after their purchase, digitally be downloaded by them, thereby requiring no follow up on you part.

Another Interview Attempt

We received a lot of worried emails from last month’s interview with the big guy himself. The thing that people seemed the most upset about is the BFZ (Big Foot Zombie” made the statement there were more like him and together they would all eat up the entire human race (admittedly we are exaggerating a bit.”

Throughout the end of July and early August we tried desperately to get another interview with Mr. BigFootZombie. I think his name is Gerald actually, much like the national commercial that is currently running. If you’ve seen the spot, you know what we’re talking about.

I did finally get Gerald to agree to the interview as long as I brought along the salt and pepper because he’s running low himself. I don’t quite know what he means by this?

Gerald did finally show up. He grabbed the salt and pepper from me, and I have to admit, I was terrified. Or should I say AM terrified because I am writing this as I get dirty looks from Gerald. I…

Editor’s Note. We are sorry to inform you that our Head Interviewer was eaten in the line of duty. We appreciate his tenacity over the years…What the…Gerald is that you? If so I…

(FADE OUT as sounds of munching prevail).

Big Foot Zombie Agrees to an Interview

Although this looks more like a kid’s toy than the real McCoy, there’s no question we had the actual leader of the Big Foot Zombies in our studio.

History in the Making?

We are as thrilled as can be, because Big Foot Zombie has agreed to an interview. This is the first comprehensive  talk with the hairy guy that although short is still history in the making.


This interview was made possible by the nice people at DIYdigi who were able to present BFZ with an offer he couldn’t refuse: a full year’s worth vegan snacks.

An Important Chat

He had been eating folks up until around 10 years ago and went from  vegetarian to actually closing out all dairy products. How he managed getting this food we may never know but we are thankful for his coming to chat with us today.

First off, thanks for agreeing to communicate with us.

Grrr. No problem.

What gets you up in the morning my friend. What is your big dream?

Grrr. To make the world just a little bit better. Grrr.

How do you see that happening?

Grrr. By eating all people.

Our information was that you are now a vegan.

You humans are messing things up royally. Both sides of the aisle. So you all need to be taken out. There are more of my Big Foot Zombie brothers and sisters than you could ever imagine. Eating all of you would probably only take us a year or two. Grrr.

DIYdigi’s spokesperson runs out of the room at this point and BFZ feasts on the sound recordist.

Bigfoot Zombie Turns Down a Deal

Seeking Relaxation

BigFoot Zombie, who is ancient enough to have encountered the evolution of many media types, has finally found a mission: audio cassettes. Some of you will not even know what an audio cassette is. Let’s put it this way, it predates digital music. BFZ became entranced with audio cassettes when he unraveled the tape of one and found it to be as relaxing as his Greek worry beads.

Possible Deal

BigFoot Zombie has contacted some of the major digital music outlets to pitch to them bringing back cassettes or at least 8-track tapes. But thus far he as had no response from music moguls other than being offered by one of them a possible spokesperson deal.

Why He Turned it Down

Avocado Toast Records wanted to land BigFoot Zombie because of his appeal to Millennials. They had a campaign in mind featuring the big furry one selling their tunes using his “monster” appeal. BFZ didn’t turned down the deal because he didn’t want to be objectified.