BigFoot Zombie Reveals How He Became a Mythic Legend

Let’s face it, BigFoot Sr. (Jr. doesn’t participate in “surprise” photos, he’s an accountant) has more traction and publicity than BigFoot Zombie does. Some speculate that BigFoot Zombie is both a Sasquatch and a “Night of the Living Dead Creature.” In short, many marketers agree that the reason BFZ is not as popular as BF is has to do with him confusing people. Is he a BigFoot or is he a Zombie? Agency folks have recommended that BigFoot Zombie make a decision regarding who he will do advertisement campaigns toward, will it be BigFoot Fan Clubs or Zombie Fan Clubs?  BigFoot Zombie doesn’t listen to the naysayers and has taken possession of building his own brand sans the “so called experts.” BigFoot Zombie sees himself being twice the draw instead of having conflicting image issues like the promotional camp asserts. So how did BigFoot Zombie manage to become a mythic legend despite the critics chopping down his approach? Simple. He combined his artistic side with his entrepreneur side and became an ArtisticPreneur. This way he had the passion of the artist and the business smarts of the entrepreneur. In other words he burns his own career path and has become a formidable force advocating for himself and telling his story just like the site ArtisticPreneur suggests. You go BigFoot Zombie!