John Yianni Stamas has been Busy on a Project and is NOT Ignoring B.F.Z.

Yes, you’re seeing what you might be thinking you’re seeing above. It’s an artist’s rendering of Big foot Zombie splitting into a rainbow which happens when BFZ is very upset. The symbolism of the rainbow is that it represents all the various colors of Big Foot Zombie’s emotions. The source of his sad mood is that he believes that John Yianni Stamas, inventor of the Big Foot Zombie character, has been ignoring him lately, After all, the last post on this blog was on October 5th, approximately six months ago.

When asked for a comment, Mr. Stamas assured BFZ Magazine and Blog that nothing could be further from the truth. Big Foot Zombie is always on his mind. It’s just that he has been consumed with a new website he has been creating entitled USA How To. is the organization that John Yianni Stamas founded to help media freelancers to find work. He has asked Big Foot Zombie to not move from the Bronx where he resides at Pelham Bay Park, which is the largest park in New York City at 2,765 acres in size. Stamas and Big Foot Zombie have a special area of the park where they meet. John says he is going to the park today anyway to write an article for Bronx News NYC. Mr. Zombie was not available for comment because today he is dead to the world.