Bigfoot Zombie Turns Down a Deal

Seeking Relaxation

BigFoot Zombie, who is ancient enough to have encountered the evolution of many media types, has finally found a mission: audio cassettes. Some of you will not even know what an audio cassette is. Let’s put it this way, it predates digital music. BFZ became entranced with audio cassettes when he unraveled the tape of one and found it to be as relaxing as his Greek worry beads.

Possible Deal

BigFoot Zombie has contacted some of the major digital music outlets to pitch to them bringing back cassettes or at least 8-track tapes. But thus far he as had no response from music moguls other than being offered by one of them a possible spokesperson deal.

Why He Turned it Down

Avocado Toast Records wanted to land BigFoot Zombie because of his appeal to Millennials. They had a campaign in mind featuring the big furry one selling their tunes using his “monster” appeal. BFZ didn’t turned down the deal because he didn’t want to be objectified.

BigFoot Zombie Meets the Martian

Sasquatch Undead

We never thought we’d see the day, but now we have. BigFoot Zombie has met a Martian. And now all of us are checking out this One Eyed Fellow to make certain our beloved BFZ has found a friend worth having.

Friend or Foe?

We got Frank to check out BigFoot Zombie’s pal. He even put on a suit when he went to check out the being from outer space. The MartianĀ  did start with the ice breaker of saying “Nice tie.” He got points for this because that blue tie is the favorite of our interrogator. But as the discussion continued between the two of them, things began to shift in terms of the interrogated that might not make him best suited to be a comrade of our B.F.B.F.Z. (Best Friend BigFoot Zombie).

Pass the Salt Please

The Martian began to criticize our dear Meh-Teh saying that he was messy when he eats. Now don’t get us wrong, Yeti does devour his grub in an off-putting way, but if you knew him you’d know he has tried to have better manners.