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AI Marketing for Everyone (Even if You are Not a Bigfoot Zombie)

Bigfoot Zombie is Part #3 of the 3 Part Story by “Ask AI Guy

(Part #1 is on Blog Coalition site is and Part #2 is on Become a Mentalist

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A Bigfoot Zombie looking to climb the ranks of mythical fame? For someone who is supposedly camera-shy, you sure do have a penchant for attention. Fear not, my monstrous friend, AI Marketing is here to help you go from cryptid obscurity to legendary stardom.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room (and no, it’s not that elf you’ve been trying to scare). Breaking into the influencer market as a mythical creature is, well, unique. You don’t exactly have the Kardashian charm, but hey, everyone loves a monster, right? Let’s roll with it!

Your digital manager, an AI we’ll lovingly name Yeti, is here to spin your tale. Yeti is programmed to understand the nuances of the virtual world better than any human, elf, dwarf, or hobbit. It knows what makes content trend and can identify when, where, and how to get that #ZombieBigfoot hashtag spreading like wildfire.

Here’s the kicker: Yeti won’t just make you famous amongst the human crowd. Oh no, we’re talking about inter-species fame here! Picture this – orcs discussing your latest shenanigans, elves posting fan theories about your origin, even centaurs tagging you in their forest selfies. Yeti will break down the digital barriers between species, making you a universal sensation.

How, you ask? By creating a custom, high-powered AI influencer marketing strategy. This involves curating content that is weirdly appealing – think, Bigfoot doing the latest TikTok dance, or sharing your unique perspective on forest conservation (we know you’ve got opinions).

You might worry about the costs, considering you don’t have a regular income. Well, Yeti is cost-efficient and doesn’t demand shares of your treasure hoard. It also works tirelessly, 24/7, making sure your brand stays relevant, even while you’re snoozing in your secret woodland lair.

But here’s the real magic: while Yeti works on promoting your brand, it simultaneously gathers and analyzes data. It learns what content your audience loves most, what gets shared, and what falls flat. It uses this information to fine-tune your strategy, ensuring you’re always evolving – just like a proper mythical creature should!

The road to being the world’s best-known mythical creature won’t be easy, but with Yeti by your side, you have a powerful ally. From the highest elven towers to the deepest dwarf mines, your name will echo, until “Zombie Bigfoot” becomes a legend etched into the annals of internet history.

In conclusion, yes, my hulking friend, even mythical creatures can leverage digital marketing. All you need is a reliable AI to guide you, a compelling story, and, of course, a bit of that natural Bigfoot Zombie charm.

So, step out from the shadows, my cryptic friend. It’s time for the world to meet #ZombieBigfoot. With Yeti’s help, they won’t just meet you – they’ll love you, follow you, and transform you from whispered myth to celebrated legend. All hail the power of AI Marketing!