Bigfoot Zombie Learns What it Means to Repurpose Thought

In a general sense to repurpose thought is a term that means to take a thought that is connected to an experience had in the past and then to repurpose perception within one’s self of what was learned from that experience, so that the thought now has a positive use in life and work.

Like a BigFoot Zombie Keep Moving Forward with Sales Goals

In the world of digital marketing, embodying the “BigFoot Zombie” concept can be a game-changer. Much like the unstoppable progress of a zombie, this approach symbolizes relentless pursuit of sales goals. An AI marketing tool can aid in this quest by automating repetitive tasks, giving you more time to strategize and innovate. This integration of […]

Comb the Woods for the Power of BigFoot Zombie as Your Brand Ambassador

Having a brand ambassador or spokesperson can be a powerful strategy for your business, especially when you’re looking to establish a unique and attention-grabbing presence. BigFoot Zombie, an enigmatic and mythical character, offers a compelling option to captivate your audience and generate buzz around your brand. Incorporating BigFoot Zombie as your brand ambassador adds an […]

AI Marketing for Everyone (Even if You are Not a Bigfoot Zombie)

Bigfoot Zombie is Part #3 of the 3 Part Story by “Ask AI Guy“ (Part #1 is on Blog Coalition site is and Part #2 is on Become a Mentalist Well, well, well, what do we have here? A Bigfoot Zombie looking to climb the ranks of mythical fame? For someone who is supposedly camera-shy, […]

When Life Gives You Lemons Make Orangeade!

What Do We Need More of? There is nothing wrong with a frown turned upside down. Or maybe even a happy chuckle. Most will agree is that we need more laughter in life. Let your Art Gush and your laughter gush too. You can do it all. You are an ArtisticPreneur! And ArtisticPreneurs have the […]

METHOD HOW to Let Bigfoot Zombie Help You to Be More Successful

METHOD HOW to Immediately Find Out What is Holding You Back Okay, sure, we all want to become successful in one way or another, even if we feel that “Successful” is a corny word. But watch out with that “word judgement” thing. Did you know that when you are judgmental of others there is a […]

Bigfoot Zombie Takes on the Project Promoting “Cause Marketing” to the BFZD

It is more than a dream but seems to have become a reality. Bigfoot Zombie, who resides in “Inwood Hill Park” has taken on the responsibility to promote the work-in-progress “Cause Marketing” strategy to BFZD (Big Foot Zombie Demographic). This is big news. It is the first know case of a Bigfoot Zombie marketing to […]