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He’s Elusive but Wants to be Marketed

It’s a little known fact that BigFootZombie had this site created by us because he wanted to get into “this website thing.”  The big guy contacted us recently by bird messenger saying he wanted to make a video. We at Home Business Achievers are not in the position right now to be doing things at no cost, so instead we created this video tutorial for him hoping he sees it from where ever he is. Here it is:

Another thing to keep in mind is that your video could be one of the first things they see on your site. This means that its script should make it clear to the viewer who you are and what you can do for them by either curing their disease or giving them hope.

Another consideration is that approximately 50% of your viewers will be watching your video on their phone, so it is important that you keep images and text in your video of a large size. This means that phone users will be able to better see what you have created for them.

As mentioned you can do this yourself on a video creation site or you can have someone else make it for you which is even better because it means of course that you are delegating and not weighing yourself down with monotonous tasks that waste your time. Additionally, you must be certain to end your video with a call to action or CTA. In other words, you must tell them the next steps they need to take to get what you are offering. At Home Business Achievers we have literally done hundreds of videos, many times for clients who are very well known. And each had its own unique CTA because each client had a different kind of offer to their viewers depending on who those viewers were.

CTAs can include having people subscribe to your newsletter and/or something that gives them an action to take right now in terms of buying from you immediately. If your service is digital such as an eBook PDF, MP4 video or Audio MP3 all the better. Why? Because they can buy from you what you have for them immediately. Your system can, after their purchase, digitally be downloaded by them, thereby requiring no follow up on you part.

Another Interview Attempt

We received a lot of worried emails from last month’s interview with the big guy himself. The thing that people seemed the most upset about is the BFZ (Big Foot Zombie” made the statement there were more like him and together they would all eat up the entire human race (admittedly we are exaggerating a bit.”

Throughout the end of July and early August we tried desperately to get another interview with Mr. BigFootZombie. I think his name is Gerald actually, much like the national commercial that is currently running. If you’ve seen the spot, you know what we’re talking about.

I did finally get Gerald to agree to the interview as long as I brought along the salt and pepper because he’s running low himself. I don’t quite know what he means by this?

Gerald did finally show up. He grabbed the salt and pepper from me, and I have to admit, I was terrified. Or should I say AM terrified because I am writing this as I get dirty looks from Gerald. I…

Editor’s Note. We are sorry to inform you that our Head Interviewer was eaten in the line of duty. We appreciate his tenacity over the years…What the…Gerald is that you? If so I…

(FADE OUT as sounds of munching prevail).

Big Foot Zombie Agrees to an Interview

Although this looks more like a kid’s toy than the real McCoy, there’s no question we had the actual leader of the Big Foot Zombies in our studio.

History in the Making?

We are as thrilled as can be, because Big Foot Zombie has agreed to an interview. This is the first comprehensive  talk with the hairy guy that although short is still history in the making.


This interview was made possible by the nice people at DIYdigi who were able to present BFZ with an offer he couldn’t refuse: a full year’s worth vegan snacks.

An Important Chat

He had been eating folks up until around 10 years ago and went from  vegetarian to actually closing out all dairy products. How he managed getting this food we may never know but we are thankful for his coming to chat with us today.

First off, thanks for agreeing to communicate with us.

Grrr. No problem.

What gets you up in the morning my friend. What is your big dream?

Grrr. To make the world just a little bit better. Grrr.

How do you see that happening?

Grrr. By eating all people.

Our information was that you are now a vegan.

You humans are messing things up royally. Both sides of the aisle. So you all need to be taken out. There are more of my Big Foot Zombie brothers and sisters than you could ever imagine. Eating all of you would probably only take us a year or two. Grrr.

DIYdigi’s spokesperson runs out of the room at this point and BFZ feasts on the sound recordist.

Bigfoot Zombie Turns Down a Deal

Seeking Relaxation

BigFoot Zombie, who is ancient enough to have encountered the evolution of many media types, has finally found a mission: audio cassettes. Some of you will not even know what an audio cassette is. Let’s put it this way, it predates digital music. BFZ became entranced with audio cassettes when he unraveled the tape of one and found it to be as relaxing as his Greek worry beads.

Possible Deal

BigFoot Zombie has contacted some of the major digital music outlets to pitch to them bringing back cassettes or at least 8-track tapes. But thus far he as had no response from music moguls other than being offered by one of them a possible spokesperson deal.

Why He Turned it Down

Avocado Toast Records wanted to land BigFoot Zombie because of his appeal to Millennials. They had a campaign in mind featuring the big furry one selling their tunes using his “monster” appeal. BFZ didn’t turned down the deal because he didn’t want to be objectified.

BigFoot Zombie Meets the Martian

Sasquatch Undead

We never thought we’d see the day, but now we have. BigFoot Zombie has met a Martian. And now all of us are checking out this One Eyed Fellow to make certain our beloved BFZ has found a friend worth having.

Friend or Foe?

We got Frank to check out BigFoot Zombie’s pal. He even put on a suit when he went to check out the being from outer space. The Martian  did start with the ice breaker of saying “Nice tie.” He got points for this because that blue tie is the favorite of our interrogator. But as the discussion continued between the two of them, things began to shift in terms of the interrogated that might not make him best suited to be a comrade of our B.F.B.F.Z. (Best Friend BigFoot Zombie).

Pass the Salt Please

The Martian began to criticize our dear Meh-Teh saying that he was messy when he eats. Now don’t get us wrong, Yeti does devour his grub in an off-putting way, but if you knew him you’d know he has tried to have better manners.

BigFootZombie is Plastic

Coronavirus Episode

Look, we’re not trying to pass this plastic BigFootZombie as the real BigFootZombie, nothing could be further from the truth. We are merely using it as a demonstration of what’s been happening lately with the big hairy one now that we are living through a Coronavirus episode.

Medical Masks On

You see BFZ is affected by it too. Case in point we were unable to get him to pose for us for this photo. He is currently in Inwood Hill Park in a tree filled area with his medical mask in place. We have our medical masks on also just out of view from the camera frame.

Be Safe

So what’s the point of this photo of a plastic BigFootZombie in the park?  We’re letting you know that no one is safe from COVID-19 so please be responsible and safe.

Running Away From BigFoot Zombie?

Needs of Our World

For starters, we are NOT running away from BigFoot Zombie. BFZ is as important to us as always for the good work he does keeping folklore alive. We need myths in this world. They keep the imagination alive and we can never have enough of that in this world.

The Value of Leaps of Faith

Imagination and creativity fuels the planet. It give people hope and faith. It keeps us being able to take leaps of faith. It is highly valued.

Making a Difference

So Mr. Sasquatch Undead. Wherever you are at this moment please keep doing what you are doing making a difference in our national and international communities. And please take it to hear, we are NOT running away from you.

John Yianni Stamas has been Busy on a Project and is NOT Ignoring B.F.Z.

Yes, you’re seeing what you might be thinking you’re seeing above. It’s an artist’s rendering of Big foot Zombie splitting into a rainbow which happens when BFZ is very upset. The symbolism of the rainbow is that it represents all the various colors of Big Foot Zombie’s emotions. The source of his sad mood is that he believes that John Yianni Stamas, inventor of the Big Foot Zombie character, has been ignoring him lately, After all, the last post on this blog was on October 5th, approximately six months ago.

When asked for a comment, Mr. Stamas assured BFZ Magazine and Blog that nothing could be further from the truth. Big Foot Zombie is always on his mind. It’s just that he has been consumed with a new website he has been creating entitled USA How To. is the organization that John Yianni Stamas founded to help media freelancers to find work. He has asked Big Foot Zombie to not move from the Bronx where he resides at Pelham Bay Park, which is the largest park in New York City at 2,765 acres in size. Stamas and Big Foot Zombie have a special area of the park where they meet. John says he is going to the park today anyway to write an article for Bronx News NYC. Mr. Zombie was not available for comment because today he is dead to the world.

Yianni Stamas Takes a Look at BigFoot Zombie and the Paranormal

The Conversation Around BFZ

Yianni Stamas reminds us that as Halloween gets closer, the conversation around BigFoot Zombie has become ignited. If you like wacky, offbeat, esoteric humor (and/or desperate attempts at being funny), you’re going to luv the bros!

Stamas Bros Not Guest Stars this Week

Though, unfortunately the Stamas Bros are not going to be a part of this BigFoot Zombie episode as they often are. There will be far less humor and more scientific data given in this post incarnation. So if you’re seeking a chuckle this is the wrong blog entry to read. For this we are putting on our scientist caps and pretending we have our PHD in some arcane study.

Dive in at Your Own Risk

We are going explore some questions. Is Heaven Real? Do Aliens Exist? Should We Worry About Zombies, Vampires and Bigfoot or even BigFoot Zombies? Studies finds that strangely adults are more likely than children to believe in the supernatural. If this post was intended to be funny we might take a page from Geico and randomly mention the Big Apple Awards and how they are taking their own Artist Steps as they merge with the Platinum PIAs Awards. But since this blog entry is not intended to be humorous I won’t do that.

Resolving Done with the Supernatural

To be specific, one study has uncovered that supernatural explanations for major life events, such as death and illness, are more likely to be resolved through the point of view of the supernatural.

Old Age Mysteries

Addressing age old mysteries, such as BigFoot Zombie, consist sometimes of things that are caught on camera that many think are fake but just as many think of as real. Specifically we’re talking about sightings over the years of BigFoot Zombie.

Real or Not?

Here’s how younger and older adults line up on several age-old mysteries. Patterson–Gimlin film is an American short motion picture of an unidentified subject which the filmmakers have said was a BigFoot Zombie. The footage was shot in 1967 in Northern California, and has since been subjected to many attempts to authenticate or debunk it.

BigFoot Zombie Takes Precedence

Interestingly is that many of those who saw the footage that the blurry figure captured was BigFoot instead of BigFoot Zombie. But with the onslaught of zombie TV series and films, many now say that it is BigFoot Zombie.

Where the Famous Film Clip Was Shot

The footage was filmed alongside Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River, about 25 logging-road miles northwest of Orleans, California, in Del Norte County. The film site is roughly 38 miles south of Oregon and 18 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

Exact Location Lost

For decades, the exact location of the site was lost, primarily because of re-growth of foliage in the streambed after the flood of 1964. It was rediscovered in 2011..And at that point speculation began that maybe this creature caught on camera was not BigFoot at all, but instead – BigFoot Zombie.

The Differences Between BigFoot and BigFoot Zombie

BigFoot Zombie is different than just plain BigFoot in that BigFoot Zombie is also known as its alternative moniker which is Sasquatch Undead. This is an important distinction because whereas BigFoot is thought to be some kind of missing link or other scientific speculation, BigFoot Zombie as per the name Sasquatch Undead is thought to be just that: UNdead!

Stamas Bros, on Behalf of BigFoot Zombie, Search for Loch Ness Monster Using Scuba Diving Photoshop

The Stamas Bros consist of Stamas Bro Homer (left) and Stamas Bro Aristotle (right). And as can be seen in this scuba diving photo of them, the closest they ever got to actual diving was through the use of a popular graphics program.

Did You Know the Loch Ness Monster Has a Nickname?

Many people have unsuccessfully sought out the monster in the depths of water in the Loch Ness in Scotland…Until now. The Stamas Bros, who often get confused for being another set of Stamas Bros who make boats, were asked by their good friend BigFoot Zombie, currently residing in The Bronx,  to find his missing pal the Loch Ness Monster (or as he affectionally calls her, Nessie). Nessie must have checked out the website “Celebify,” because she is pretty darn famous for someone whose very existence is questioned. The last time the Stamas Bros saw this lizard like creature she asked for a little help with her yacht.

It’s Close to Inverness?

According to Wikipedia the Loch Ness is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands extending for approximately 37 kilometers southwest of Inverness. If you’re ever there the bros encourage you to try Haggis, but they emphasize it MUST be eaten with a side of neeps and tatties.

Gastropub to the Rescue!

Unfortunately the Stamas Bros were unable to get to Scotland so they did the next best thing: they went to Highlands NYC in in the West Village which is a Scottish restaurant.

Being in a Straightjacket can be a Killjoy

Stamas Bro Aristotle was still in New York following getting Stamas Bro Homer released from a recent bout in an insane asylum where he had been kept in a straightjacket in a padded room. In recounting the experience Homer recommended that folks avoid  such an incident themselves . He must have been pretty serious about this, because he even went so far as to say that staying in a loony bin is worse than eating Haggis without neeps and tatties!

Even Stamas Bros Can Get Inebriated

At the Highland NYC eatery, Stamas Bro Homer got a bit tipsy on a Rusty Nail which consists of Drambuie that is a liqueur that has been produced commercially in the city of Edinburgh since the early 20th century and consists of a blend of Scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices. And no, we’re not going to do another neeps and tatties joke!

Not to be Confused with the TV Show that Was Broadcast from September 12, 1954, to March 25, 1973

As bagpipers began to play “I Love A Lassie” Stamas Bro Homer jumped onto a table and began sing along but got the lyrics confused:

“I love a Nessie, a bonnie Hielan’ Loch Ness Monster Nessie, if you saw her you would fancy her as well, I met her in September, popped the question in November, so I’ll soon be havin’ her a’ to ma-sel’!”

Harry Wouldn’t be Happy

A bit embarrassed by the lyrical switcharoo, Stamas Bro Homer sat down and hoped he had not upset the spirit of the late Harry Lauder.

But the lyrical switch gave Stamas Bro Aristotle an idea. He exclaimed:

“I know where Nessie is! I know where Nessie is!”

Dialing for “Sasquatch Undead”

The Bros immediately phoned their famous friend BigFoot Zombie who had only recently gotten a mobile phone, but of the disposable type. He had been saving up for a full fledged iPhone, but instead spent his savings on a P.A. system so he could growl loudly for BigFoot Zombie searchers, even if he had a bout of Bronchitis.

The Ending Needs Some Work

BFZ didn’t hear the ring because he was listening to  Billy Joel. Please note, we’d love to end this segment with having Stamas Bro Aristotle say his plan to find Nessie and it be hysterical. Unfortunately we’ve hit a creative block and the best we can do is leave you while saying “Don’t forget the neeps and tatties!”

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