Frightening or Meaningful, Yet Traumatic, Thoughts?

In the USA it is Friday, October 21, and in 10 days there will be a celebration, but, not for what you might think. What you are about to experience is intended as being for entertainment purposes only. We say this because we are about to go inside of Bigfoot Zombie’s brain. And it is […]

Yianni Stamas’ COVID-19 Bigfoot Zombie Search

Corona Concerns Yianni Stamas, digital author and web manager, is extremely worried that Bigfoot Zombie (also known as Sasquatch Undead) has contracted the Coronavirus. This theory is based on the most recent sighting of the big lug, which took place in Inwood Hill Park in Inwood Manhattan, NY, near where Yianni lives and works. Following […]

Big Foot Zombie and All that Glitters is Green

All that glitters is green in this instance is code for what has been referred to as the green that is the “root of all evil” and not the green that involves separating cans from cardboard. Offer Something that is Needed and Wanted by People and Mythical Creatures Bigfoot Zombie, suggests analyzing your brain and […]

Yianni Stamas Uncovers Bigfoot Zombie’s Age!

How Old is He? We here at are very excited about yesterday’s Total Solar Eclipse and are intrigued to find out how many major eclipses this big hairy creature has experienced. Why? Because if we look at the eclipse timeline we might get a better idea on how old Bigfoot Zombie is, which is […]

I Saw Bigfoot Zombie.

Hi my name is Janet. I’m a performance artist whose work is committed to give Native Americans the voice they deserve. I find it frustrating though because many Americans are not open to hearing the truth about Native Americans. And yes, I saw Bigfoot Zombie. I was walking in Inwood Hill Park. For those of […]

How to BigFoot Zombie Become So Darn Popular?

Some say achieving fame is like trying to find your way out of the cold with no clearly marked signs so you are unsure of which way to go. Gaining popularity is  not an easy task as a human. So think about how difficult it is for a big scraggly creature who feels the need […]

He’s Elusive but Wants to be Marketed

It’s a little known fact that BigFootZombie had this site created by us because he wanted to get into “this website thing.”  The big guy contacted us recently by bird messenger saying he wanted to make a video. We at Home Business Achievers are not in the position right now to be doing things at […]