BFZ Helps with an Experiment

Big Foot Zombie Helps Out with with the First Post of Five Across Five Blog Coalition Sites, Regarding How to Do Online Campaigns for Your Business in a Post COVID-19 World

A Special Thanks to Big Foot Zombie for Doing His Part in Helping Entrepreneurs Getting Back on their Feet (Pun Intended) Post Pandemic

First off, a big thank you goes out to Big Foot Zombie for allowing us to create this blog post on his blog which is one in a series of five different blogs that when strung together will be a teaching tool for small business owners and those starting an entrepreneurial project.

Monsters Normally Scare People, like the picture of the signs above show, but BFZ is Proof that They Can be a Positive Part of the Educational Process in a COVID Recovery!

We know that mythical creatures can sometimes be less than hospitable, but it is all rave for this big hairy guy. He knows this will be helpful for businesses getting back into the swing, who were negatively impacted by the Pandemic. Thank you BFZ for lending us the space and making a difference as a Sasquatch Undead.

So now, on with this informative post!

For those entrepreneurs who faced major walls in keeping your business alive, our hearts go out to you. COVID-19 has been an unwelcome guest regarding retail and all those who depended on in person customers.

Things Change

Strategies for your business model have gone down the tubes. Everything has changed and has done so in the worst possible way.

Getting Motivated in a World of Stress

Sometimes you wonder, why even move forward? The end of your business is nearing. The Pandemic has taken everything you know how to do and has made your skillset no longer relevant. So, you decide to act anyway. Even though you know it is pointless. Or is it?

The Key

What can you do now since you are not a salesperson? How can you possibly move forward? The key is to Start with the Basics

Keeping Track

Maybe you even took this step already, or maybe you always meant to, but now you can. And easily. Better late than never to start it, or really use it properly, depending on how your relationship has been up until now, in terms of this tool. What is it? It is the process of starting to keep track of your prospective clients and existing ones in a better manner.

A Free Tool

We are talking about using a free tool, such as Mailchimp, to be gathering emails for. What do you have to lose? Why not give it a choice, now that you see more clearly the holes that you are faced with. You need to patch up the wall. And a way to do this is to start collecting emails from those who have an interest in what you do, as well as your existing customers.

Your Business Solves a Problem

To make this process work, the key is to look at your existing insight as an expert of your solution. What problem is it that what you do is? Even if you do not think of what you do as being about solving problems, take a deeper look.

Access to Insights Can Make a Difference

What do your customers even come to you in the first place? What motivates them? Why do they need you? With these kinds of insights, you can start to build and bake into your business, the key you offer to customers to make their issues go away. Or at least for the moment.

A Free Solution

So, the time is now, if you are using an email system that is costing you. The great thing is you can always export all your emails, and set them up once again, but this time around with a free solution such as Mailchimp mentioned.

To Collect or Not Collect

Ultimately you should only use the email solution that works for you. Your task now is taking a look at how to keep your current prospects in the loop, and the solution could very well be to collect email addresses.

Keep your eyes open on the Blog Coalition to learn where the second of of five posts will be implemented!