BigFoot Zombie Shoots the Breeze

Bigfoot Zombie “Strikes the Pose” which is to turn his head toward the camera as through he’s just been discovered by accident but in is actuality is being sighted on purpose to perpetuate the myth.

It’s been a while since BFZ has let it all out in terms of what he’s been up to lately.  We caught up with Sasquatch Undead and he opened up to share his feelings about the pressures of being a topic of folklore.

I’m MM.

MM: First off, thank you sir for talking with us. I know you’re very busy with scaring tourists and all that.

BFZ: My job is not to scare tourists but rather I’m a Dream Peddler. I peddle dreams of scientific possibility. In truth science knows very little in relation to what it COULD know in 2020 if we weren’t on this path.

MM: What happens in 2020?

BFZ: We find out if science has any meaning anymore. Me and Lochy (Loch Ness Monster) were talking the other day about how times have changed recently. It used to be that there was a curiosity about spotting us and so on, but according to Marty (Martian) sighting opportunities of us folks have gone down 35% in the last few years. Now that’s scary!

MM: Yes. We heard you were concerned about the general perception of climate change.

BFZ: Yeah. If climate change studies are on the chopping block, what hope is there for interest in spotting folks like me and the gang?!