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Bigfoot Zombie Takes on the Project Promoting “Cause Marketing” to the BFZD

It is more than a dream but seems to have become a reality. Bigfoot Zombie, who resides in “Inwood Hill Park” has taken on the responsibility to promote the work-in-progress “Cause Marketing” strategy to BFZD (Big Foot Zombie Demographic).

This is big news. It is the first know case of a Bigfoot Zombie marketing to other Bigfoot Zombies. The only problem is that Bigfoot Zombie is not entirely sure there are other Bigfoot Zombies other than himself. Whereas selling a product to, say, sasquatch’s, would be very simple because there are so many of them. But those sometimes just called BFZ’s is an entirely different manner.

Though, Bigfoot Zombie is a fighter, and is determined to make it happen. He figures he must of had a Bigfoot Zombie father and a Bigfoot Zombie mother, but he unfortunately he has no memory of them.

But Bigfoot Zombie is not a quitter. He is going to get the word out about the METHOD HOW to Do Cause Marketing as You Make a Difference and Grow Your Business.”

Bigfoot Zombie is a being of action and has decided to do research at the Inwood Library in Upper Manhattan (but please, no one burst his bubble, at least yet, by telling him that the Inwood Library is closed because of construction).