BFZ Friends

I Saw Bigfoot Zombie.

Hi my name is Janet. I’m a performance artist whose work is committed to give Native Americans the voice they deserve. I find it frustrating though because many Americans are not open to hearing the truth about Native Americans.

And yes, I saw Bigfoot Zombie. I was walking in Inwood Hill Park. For those of you who don’t know this park, it is located in a section of Manhattan, NY just north of Washington Heights named Inwood. It has a park where allegedly Native Americans sold to a traveler (for some beads), what was later to become New York City.

Yet another example of a suppression of Native Americans. I was thinking this as I walked to the cement block in the park that is supposedly located at the exact spot where the sale was made all those years ago.  It was starting to get dark and there was no one around most likely because of COVID-19.

Suddenly I heard a gravelly  male voice saying:

“Yes, the exact spot. Not such a great deal for the Native Americans.”

Without turning around my first thought was that this could be a dangerous man. I knew I had to be careful and sometimes the best way to be safe is to engage in a soft and mellow conversation.

I pivoted slowly and found myself face to face with Bigfoot Zombie wearing a medical mask as I was. He spoke.

“Good evening. You can believe that I will keep the 6 foot of distance from you. I hope I didn’t frighten you.”

I responded.

“Not at all. I’m a big fan.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I think it is deplorable the way the Native Americans have been treated over the years.”

“I agree with you Mr. Bigfoot Zombie.”

“Call me BFZ.”

And then BFZ and I engaged in a thoughtful and exciting conversation about the plight of Native Americans. And I must admit I got some great ideas for my next performance art piece.



BFZ Friends

BigFoot Zombie Meets the Martian

Sasquatch Undead

We never thought we’d see the day, but now we have. BigFoot Zombie has met a Martian. And now all of us are checking out this One Eyed Fellow to make certain our beloved BFZ has found a friend worth having.

Friend or Foe?

We got Frank to check out BigFoot Zombie’s pal. He even put on a suit when he went to check out the being from outer space. The Martian¬† did start with the ice breaker of saying “Nice tie.” He got points for this because that blue tie is the favorite of our interrogator. But as the discussion continued between the two of them, things began to shift in terms of the interrogated that might not make him best suited to be a comrade of our B.F.B.F.Z. (Best Friend BigFoot Zombie).

Pass the Salt Please

The Martian began to criticize our dear Meh-Teh saying that he was messy when he eats. Now don’t get us wrong, Yeti does devour his grub in an off-putting way, but if you knew him you’d know he has tried to have better manners.