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Bigfoot Zombie Turns Down a Deal

Seeking Relaxation

BigFoot Zombie, who is ancient enough to have encountered the evolution of many media types, has finally found a mission: audio cassettes. Some of you will not even know what an audio cassette is. Let’s put it this way, it predates digital music. BFZ became entranced with audio cassettes when he unraveled the tape of one and found it to be as relaxing as his Greek worry beads.

Possible Deal

BigFoot Zombie has contacted some of the major digital music outlets to pitch to them bringing back cassettes or at least 8-track tapes. But thus far he as had no response from music moguls other than being offered by one of them a possible spokesperson deal.

Why He Turned it Down

Avocado Toast Records wanted to land BigFoot Zombie because of his appeal to Millennials. They had a campaign in mind featuring the big furry one selling their tunes using his “monster” appeal. BFZ didn’t turned down the deal because he didn’t want to be objectified.

BigFoot Zombie and the Fame Factor

Breaking News: it’s been confirmed again that this photo is really BigFoot Zombie and not Bigfoot. This confirmation was done scientifically so you know it must be true. Well, at least closer to truth than if it had been done unscientifically!

We’re Proud of BFZ

At BigfootZombie headquarters were exploring the hottest question of the moment which is of course “Is BigfootZombie going to be bigger than just plain Bigfoot because of the current zombie craze?!

Fact Checker is Here

Since the most recent sighting of BigfootZombie was in the Bronx we have in the house. And the perfect companion to this is the purveyors of who wins the most recognition:!

Amanda S. Interview

First we of course wanted to know who sighted the fuzzy creature. The answer was Amanda from the South Bronx. She said she was on her way to teach (she teaches at a local community college) and for a moment saw the hairy being who then vanished into a sea of buildings resulting in a series of screams and “shocked noises.” Here’s was what Amanda said:

I was taken by surprise. I am a math teacher you see and numbers are my life. Everything to the last digit. So I must admit my world of order and numerical exploration was jolted. I didn’t get a very good view. All I saw was fuzziness just like the photos. But I did notice that BigFoot Zombie was giving me the peace sign.

The peace sign? You mean like from the ’60’s? Peace, love and joy and all that?

Yes. I got the distinct feeling I was being invited to a party. You see, I read sign language and Sasquatch Undead was signing me an invitation to a “happening.” He also said that Bronx News NYC was going to be there that I thought was pretty cool.

Did you go?

Go where?

To the happening. Did you go to the happening?

Yes. I must admit I did. I was curious. What would a party be like hosted by the one and only BFZ. Also, I thought that by doing so I might end up on the blog, My 10 year old son is a big fan.

What was the party like?

Not to be petty, but when the salad course started during the dinner before the event, there weren’t salad forks. This to me is a big no-no. I think you should always have salad forks.

You had dinner in the morning? That seems a bit strange.

Yes. I thought so too. It might have been a fame play on his part, being eccentric and all that sometimes ignites the visibility fire. Also, I know you asked me before this interview started who I thought was ultimately going to be bigger as a legend? BigFoot or BigFoot Zombie. I think BigFoot Zombie SHOULD be bigger, but he’s got a lot of catching up to do if he wants to be in the Monster Hall of Fame.

Did you make it to school on time that morning?

I did. Thankfully BigFoot Zombie was also a magician and he whisked me back in time. So I was at the school of my teaching position before the bell even rang.