How to BigFoot Zombie Become So Darn Popular?

Some say achieving fame is like trying to find your way out of the cold with no clearly marked signs so you are unsure of which way to go. Gaining popularity is  not an easy task as a human. So think about how difficult it is for a big scraggly creature who feels the need […]

He’s Elusive but Wants to be Marketed

It’s a little known fact that BigFootZombie had this site created by us because he wanted to get into “this website thing.”  The big guy contacted us recently by bird messenger saying he wanted to make a video. We at Home Business Achievers are not in the position right now to be doing things at […]

Bigfoot Zombie Turns Down a Deal

Seeking Relaxation BigFoot Zombie, who is ancient enough to have encountered the evolution of many media types, has finally found a mission: audio cassettes. Some of you will not even know what an audio cassette is. Let’s put it this way, it predates digital music. BFZ became entranced with audio cassettes when he unraveled the […]

BigFoot Zombie and the Fame Factor

We’re Proud of BFZ At BigfootZombie headquarters were exploring the hottest question of the moment which is of course “Is BigfootZombie going to be bigger than just plain Bigfoot because of the current zombie craze?! Fact Checker is Here Since the most recent sighting of BigfootZombie was in the Bronx we have in the […]