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Another Interview Attempt

We received a lot of worried emails from last month’s interview with the big guy himself. The thing that people seemed the most upset about is the BFZ (Big Foot Zombie” made the statement there were more like him and together they would all eat up the entire human race (admittedly we are exaggerating a bit.”

Throughout the end of July and early August we tried desperately to get another interview with Mr. BigFootZombie. I think his name is Gerald actually, much like the national commercial that is currently running. If you’ve seen the spot, you know what we’re talking about.

I did finally get Gerald to agree to the interview as long as I brought along the salt and pepper because he’s running low himself. I don’t quite know what he means by this?

Gerald did finally show up. He grabbed the salt and pepper from me, and I have to admit, I was terrified. Or should I say AM terrified because I am writing this as I get dirty looks from Gerald. I…

Editor’s Note. We are sorry to inform you that our Head Interviewer was eaten in the line of duty. We appreciate his tenacity over the years…What the…Gerald is that you? If so I…

(FADE OUT as sounds of munching prevail).

Big Foot Zombie Agrees to an Interview

Although this looks more like a kid’s toy than the real McCoy, there’s no question we had the actual leader of the Big Foot Zombies in our studio.

History in the Making?

We are as thrilled as can be, because Big Foot Zombie has agreed to an interview. This is the first comprehensive  talk with the hairy guy that although short is still history in the making.


This interview was made possible by the nice people at DIYdigi who were able to present BFZ with an offer he couldn’t refuse: a full year’s worth vegan snacks.

An Important Chat

He had been eating folks up until around 10 years ago and went from  vegetarian to actually closing out all dairy products. How he managed getting this food we may never know but we are thankful for his coming to chat with us today.

First off, thanks for agreeing to communicate with us.

Grrr. No problem.

What gets you up in the morning my friend. What is your big dream?

Grrr. To make the world just a little bit better. Grrr.

How do you see that happening?

Grrr. By eating all people.

Our information was that you are now a vegan.

You humans are messing things up royally. Both sides of the aisle. So you all need to be taken out. There are more of my Big Foot Zombie brothers and sisters than you could ever imagine. Eating all of you would probably only take us a year or two. Grrr.

DIYdigi’s spokesperson runs out of the room at this point and BFZ feasts on the sound recordist.