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Like a BigFoot Zombie Keep Moving Forward with Sales Goals

In the world of digital marketing, embodying the “BigFoot Zombie” concept can be a game-changer. Much like the unstoppable progress of a zombie, this approach symbolizes relentless pursuit of sales goals. An AI marketing tool can aid in this quest by automating repetitive tasks, giving you more time to strategize and innovate. This integration of AI with the BigFoot Zombie ethos can fuel your business’s drive towards success.

The BigFoot Zombie mentality is more than just about relentless pursuit; it is also about maintaining ethical boundaries. AI marketing tools are designed to ensure that your marketing strategies are compliant with regulations and respectful of customers’ preferences. This ethical dimension of the BigFoot Zombie approach ensures that your persistence is always matched with respect and consideration for your customers.

Embracing the BigFoot Zombie strategy means being unyielding in the face of obstacles. Even when sales seem slow or marketing efforts don’t yield immediate results, you keep pushing forward. AI marketing tools can support this tenacity by providing you with insights and analytics to improve your strategies and better navigate the path towards your sales goals.

BigFoot Zombie isn’t just about achieving goals; it’s about the journey too. With AI marketing tools, the journey becomes less cumbersome and more efficient. By automating repetitive tasks and providing insights, AI helps you to continue marching forward, embodying the relentless pursuit of the BigFoot Zombie philosophy.

The adaptability of the BigFoot Zombie approach lies in its fusion with AI capabilities. AI marketing tools can identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, allowing you to adapt your strategies accordingly. This data-driven approach ensures your BigFoot Zombie determination is coupled with smart decision-making.

A core aspect of the BigFoot Zombie ethos is perseverance. AI marketing tools enable this perseverance by freeing up your time from mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on core business objectives. This way, the BigFoot Zombie approach helps you to remain dedicated and consistent in your pursuit of sales goals.

BigFoot Zombie is also about resilience in the face of adversity. By leveraging AI marketing tools, you can turn setbacks into opportunities for growth. These tools provide you with the data and insights necessary to learn from your mistakes, reinforcing the resilient nature of the BigFoot Zombie approach.

In the world of digital marketing, the BigFoot Zombie approach provides a roadmap to success. By using AI tools to augment your relentless pursuit, you can consistently move forward towards your sales goals while ensuring ethical compliance. This persistent progress, aided by AI, embodies the true spirit of the BigFoot Zombie strategy.

In essence, the BigFoot Zombie approach is about striking a balance between persistence and ethical conduct in the pursuit of sales goals. By integrating AI marketing tools, you can achieve this balance. The automation and insights provided by AI allow you to be persistent without infringing upon ethical boundaries, embodying the true spirit of the BigFoot Zombie philosophy.

In conclusion, embracing the BigFoot Zombie ethos through the use of AI marketing tools can lead to robust sales growth. The relentless pursuit of goals, coupled with ethical conduct and informed by AI-driven insights, paves the way for business success. This embodiment of the BigFoot Zombie strategy ensures that your business remains unstoppable in its march towards achieving its objectives.

Marketing is Entertainment

Comb the Woods for the Power of BigFoot Zombie as Your Brand Ambassador

Having a brand ambassador or spokesperson can be a powerful strategy for your business, especially when you’re looking to establish a unique and attention-grabbing presence. BigFoot Zombie, an enigmatic and mythical character, offers a compelling option to captivate your audience and generate buzz around your brand.

Incorporating BigFoot Zombie as your brand ambassador adds an element of curiosity and excitement to your marketing efforts. Just as people have been fascinated by the elusive BigFoot for years, the association with BigFoot Zombie creates intrigue and piques the interest of potential customers.

One of the key advantages of having a brand ambassador like BigFoot Zombie is the ability to create a strong brand identity. By utilizing this quirky and beloved character, you can establish a memorable and distinct image for your business. This unique representation sets you apart from competitors and helps your brand stand out in the minds of consumers.

BigFoot Zombie can serve as a conversation starter and a memorable symbol for your brand. People are naturally drawn to mystery and the unknown, and the enigmatic nature of BigFoot Zombie sparks curiosity and engages your audience. This increased attention can lead to higher brand recognition and a broader reach for your business.

Even if you don’t choose to be the face of your brand, selecting a spokesperson like BigFoot Zombie allows you to create a strong association between your business and an intriguing character. This connection helps build trust and credibility with your audience, as they see BigFoot Zombie as an emblematic representation of your values and offerings.

Using an unconventional spokesperson such as BigFoot Zombie opens the door for creativity and comical approaches in your marketing campaigns. Comedy has the power to entertain, engage, and leave a lasting impression on consumers. By injecting humor into your brand messaging, you create a positive and memorable experience that builds a connection with your audience.

BigFoot Zombie’s mythical nature also offers storytelling opportunities for your brand. You can craft narratives and content around the legend and adventures of BigFoot Zombie, further engaging your audience and creating a captivating brand narrative. Storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing, and BigFoot Zombie provides a unique and intriguing story to tell.

Studies have shown that associating a face with a brand, especially in smaller businesses without an established brand, can lead to increased customer trust and loyalty. By using BigFoot Zombie as your brand ambassador, you leverage the existing fascination and positive perception people have of this mythical creature, translating it into trust and loyalty towards your business.

Having BigFoot Zombie as your brand ambassador also opens the door for partnerships and collaborations with other businesses. The character’s popularity and appeal can attract like-minded brands and create opportunities for joint marketing initiatives. Collaborations can amplify your brand’s reach and introduce your business to new audiences.

In conclusion, choosing BigFoot Zombie as your brand ambassador offers a unique and attention-grabbing approach to marketing your business. This enigmatic character captivates the imagination of your audience, creates a strong brand identity, and helps establish trust and credibility. By leveraging the fascination surrounding BigFoot Zombie, you can unleash the power of this mythical figure to make your business memorable and stand out in the minds of consumers.

Marketing is Entertainment

AI Marketing for Everyone (Even if You are Not a Bigfoot Zombie)

Bigfoot Zombie is Part #3 of the 3 Part Story by “Ask AI Guy

(Part #1 is on Blog Coalition site is and Part #2 is on Become a Mentalist

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A Bigfoot Zombie looking to climb the ranks of mythical fame? For someone who is supposedly camera-shy, you sure do have a penchant for attention. Fear not, my monstrous friend, AI Marketing is here to help you go from cryptid obscurity to legendary stardom.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room (and no, it’s not that elf you’ve been trying to scare). Breaking into the influencer market as a mythical creature is, well, unique. You don’t exactly have the Kardashian charm, but hey, everyone loves a monster, right? Let’s roll with it!

Your digital manager, an AI we’ll lovingly name Yeti, is here to spin your tale. Yeti is programmed to understand the nuances of the virtual world better than any human, elf, dwarf, or hobbit. It knows what makes content trend and can identify when, where, and how to get that #ZombieBigfoot hashtag spreading like wildfire.

Here’s the kicker: Yeti won’t just make you famous amongst the human crowd. Oh no, we’re talking about inter-species fame here! Picture this – orcs discussing your latest shenanigans, elves posting fan theories about your origin, even centaurs tagging you in their forest selfies. Yeti will break down the digital barriers between species, making you a universal sensation.

How, you ask? By creating a custom, high-powered AI influencer marketing strategy. This involves curating content that is weirdly appealing – think, Bigfoot doing the latest TikTok dance, or sharing your unique perspective on forest conservation (we know you’ve got opinions).

You might worry about the costs, considering you don’t have a regular income. Well, Yeti is cost-efficient and doesn’t demand shares of your treasure hoard. It also works tirelessly, 24/7, making sure your brand stays relevant, even while you’re snoozing in your secret woodland lair.

But here’s the real magic: while Yeti works on promoting your brand, it simultaneously gathers and analyzes data. It learns what content your audience loves most, what gets shared, and what falls flat. It uses this information to fine-tune your strategy, ensuring you’re always evolving – just like a proper mythical creature should!

The road to being the world’s best-known mythical creature won’t be easy, but with Yeti by your side, you have a powerful ally. From the highest elven towers to the deepest dwarf mines, your name will echo, until “Zombie Bigfoot” becomes a legend etched into the annals of internet history.

In conclusion, yes, my hulking friend, even mythical creatures can leverage digital marketing. All you need is a reliable AI to guide you, a compelling story, and, of course, a bit of that natural Bigfoot Zombie charm.

So, step out from the shadows, my cryptic friend. It’s time for the world to meet #ZombieBigfoot. With Yeti’s help, they won’t just meet you – they’ll love you, follow you, and transform you from whispered myth to celebrated legend. All hail the power of AI Marketing!

Marketing is Entertainment

“The BigFoot Zombie Comedic Approach to
Use Giggle Inducement for Promotion and Sales.”

Bigfoot Zombie Says “When Life Gives You Lemons Make Orangeade!”

Does it Make You Smile?

Do you have a hobby that you’re passionate about? Why not turn that hobby into a business? Chances are that you do the hobby for recreational purposes. Something you enjoy doing. Maybe it sometimes even makes you smile?

What Do We Need More of?

There is nothing wrong with a frown turned upside down. Or maybe even a happy chuckle. Most will agree is that we need more laughter in life. Let your Art Gush and your laughter gush too. You can do it all. You are an ArtisticPreneur! And ArtisticPreneurs have the right to grin!

Fun Anyone?

This solution strategy will show you how to monetize your passions by offering products and services that others are interested and that are maybe even fun?

Sasquatch Undead?!

Some call this the Bigfoot Zombie Comedic Approach because although we are not sure anyone has ever seen Bigfoot Zombie, thinking about such a combo can sometimes bring about an upbeat nod, or from a snicker. But this is good. At least it is a release.

Your Audience Will Love You

Are you naturally witty? That is a great gift if you have it. This can mean you are good at public speaking because of your sense of humor. Something audiences enjoy. But even if you don’t that crack ‘em up ability, you have many other special things that are a part of you. Your audience will love you for those…If you let them!

Permission Given?

And by positioning yourself as an expert via offering workshops, you’ll learn how to turn your hobbies and interest into a profitable venture and live a life doing what you love. Or at least that is the idea. Of course, even if at this point it is merely a thought, thoughts can grow within you if you give them permission to!

Laugh All the Way to the…?

And again, enjoy. Enjoyment is your right! You can make what you want come true and maybe even laugh your way to the bank!

Strategy Difference

Sure, you may have heard such claims before, who has not? The difference here is the strategy difference. Strategy Difference? Yes.

Trust is Magic and You Can Make it Appear!

Because “Different is You.” You are unique, and by bringing that to the forefront so others can see this to be so, is the first step. Letting them get to know you can mean to trust you. And trust can move into them becoming your customer or client.

75 Websites in Several Categories

And it is one that we can help you with, from our site METHOD HOW, to another website called “Different is You,”  from all 75 of our sites for that matter.

How Do You Feel?

This Blog Coalition can give you the perspective on yourself that can set you free from pain and through empowering you to see your human rights. And one of these rights is to feel whimsical. Let Bigfoot Zombie help you get there by subscribing to the METHOD HOW Report, reporting on all things having to do with YOU getting the online tools you want and need for your company and life!

Marketing is Entertainment

METHOD HOW to Let Bigfoot Zombie Help You to Be More Successful

No Need to be Grumpy. Why? Because Bigfoot Zombie is there for You!

METHOD HOW to Immediately Find Out What is Holding You Back

Okay, sure, we all want to become successful in one way or another, even if we feel that “Successful” is a corny word. But watch out with that “word judgement” thing. Did you know that when you are judgmental of others there is a chance that it can actually be you judging you? Fascinating stuff is how the thoughts we have about the people around us, are often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Thankfully there is an easy way out of all this. What is it? To let the Bigfoot Zombies in the world lighten our mood. And with the big furry one on our side, anything is possible. Even having creative process be super simple so that the “art” literally gushes out of us.

METHOD HOW to See Where it all Comes from

The reality is that you could be a lot closer to what you are seeking than you think you are. Are you sick of the “Self Help” approach to things? We are too. All that stuff did now work for us either. It is not easy to do, but if you just allow yourself to consider the possibility of being the success that you want to be, it can make all the difference. It is possible to not just have an external strategy, but you can have an internal one as well. Because it all starts in our minds, regardless of what anyone says. When you do something, even if you surprise yourself by doing so, the origin of that moment comes from, your, well, brain.


The METHOD HOW to Get the SECRET HOW to Use the Creative Process to Monetize Our Lives. Since what you want to do starts as a thought first, you are now ready to proceed to monetizing your life. Monetize your life? Sure, why not? Having this as a possible income is available to all, no matter how successful you are – or not – at the transmutation of concretizing musing. The secret is that there is no secret. You already know all this stuff. Putting it into the format you are reading from right now, is nothing more than the hope of triggering the knowledge about such matters that you already have. Chances are that if you were drawn to this, you do not need it. That’s right. If you were open to exploring further concepts promoted, this is the signal that you already posses it all!

METHOD HOW to Put Together a Strategic Plan in Five Minutes or Less

Plus, it should be added that you already know, that you know. There are no major revelations here. Only that you should have more confidence about the strong mental tools you posses. It is simply a matter of extroverting your existing knowledge into a plan. A strategic plan, or as we like to look at it, one of your latest “strategies.” Our creating of these strategies is really nothing more than our sincere hope to maybe even have a little bit to do with you finally embracing what you are aware of and then act on it. So, if you read this paragraph in five minutes or less, then you have just put together your strategic plan which is of course “To listen to yourself.”

“But wait,” you exclaim. “I thought I was going to learn from Bigfoot Zombie how to become more successful?!”

METHOD HOW to Take Action Just like Sasquatch Undead Does!

You are correct. Really all that Bigfoot Zombie has to add to the discussion and strategy, is that of course it helps if you can write it down. But honestly, as B.Z. would put it, make certain that if you do put your thoughts into actions written out, be very careful. Because if you are like Bigfoot Zombie, sometimes when putting down into letters and words what prior existed solely in your mind, this can sometimes stifle things. In other words, what the big fuzzy Sasquatch Undead wishes to convey, is that you would likely be best served by writing down step by step triggers. Because if you do more than that, you could be getting into details that prevent you from spontaneously acting on what the moment has brought you as an opportunity to take a step forward with. Also, as anyone who does Media Administration knows, in the end it is all sales and marketing anyway

METHOD HOW to Become a Winner in Business and Life!

In order to Let Bigfoot Zombie truly make a difference in your life and business is to never forget you already know. But then, you already know that!

Marketing is Entertainment

Bigfoot Zombie Takes on the Project Promoting “Cause Marketing” to the BFZD

It is more than a dream but seems to have become a reality. Bigfoot Zombie, who resides in “Inwood Hill Park” has taken on the responsibility to promote the work-in-progress “Cause Marketing” strategy to BFZD (Big Foot Zombie Demographic).

This is big news. It is the first know case of a Bigfoot Zombie marketing to other Bigfoot Zombies. The only problem is that Bigfoot Zombie is not entirely sure there are other Bigfoot Zombies other than himself. Whereas selling a product to, say, sasquatch’s, would be very simple because there are so many of them. But those sometimes just called BFZ’s is an entirely different manner.

Though, Bigfoot Zombie is a fighter, and is determined to make it happen. He figures he must of had a Bigfoot Zombie father and a Bigfoot Zombie mother, but he unfortunately he has no memory of them.

But Bigfoot Zombie is not a quitter. He is going to get the word out about the METHOD HOW to Do Cause Marketing as You Make a Difference and Grow Your Business.”

Bigfoot Zombie is a being of action and has decided to do research at the Inwood Library in Upper Manhattan (but please, no one burst his bubble, at least yet, by telling him that the Inwood Library is closed because of construction).

Marketing is Entertainment

We Knew he had a Lot of Pull Because Pets Want to be Him, but it Turns out that Bigfoot Zombie’s Job is Generating Interest in himself because he is a Startup Introvert!

He is an entrepreneur!

All these years that B.Z. has been hiding out for some reason, then being seen every so often for the camera. We now know why. Like any Startup Introvert who has a business, “Sasquatch Undead” tries to be captured by the paparazzi lens as little as possible

The Never Ending Need to Make an Appearance

As we have been hinting at all these years, Mr. Zombie has his own company dedicated to keeping the hype alive. For a while there after a string of critics made it know they thought the pictures were fake and featured someone in a monkey suit. Bigfoot Zombie went into a long depression and identity crisis.

New Hope

But then a decade or so later, there was new interest in this primate and walking dead combo. Reality shows of a new kind surfaced that had as its sole purpose, the “scientific” approach to try to get an image of the big furry guy.

The Fascination Continues

This Sasquatch works remotely with the producers of these programs to make himself visible for a “sighting.” Apparently, his business is working, because there seems to be a lot of interest in him being caught on camera a distance away, but close enough to confirm his existence.