In the Shadows

Frightening or Meaningful, Yet Traumatic, Thoughts?

In the USA it is Friday, October 21, and in 10 days there will be a celebration, but, not for what you might think.

What you are about to experience is intended as being for entertainment purposes only.

We say this because we are about to go inside of Bigfoot Zombie’s brain. And it is a scary place. You are being warned. The reason we are sharing this macabre presentation is because BFZ wanted to be with us a week from now. To try to win the important day a week from today, was his original idea. But we are reserving it for a topic dear to our heart that will be celebrated on the 29th 3 days before the 31st. But October 31st will not be having a festive mood for what you might think. We will see you then. And in the meantime, to placate Bigfoot Zombie we gave him this today’s slot in the schedule instead of the 28th.

Go for it Bigfoot Zombie!

I am afraid.

Hello and welcome to my brain. The folks at USA Make a Difference gave me today to do my act rather than a week from now. I am doing this as written words because I can not speak. I can only growl. Yet, my thoughts are lucid. For various reasons some people get ghostly during this time of year. So in keeping with this idea I am now going to share my own frightful personal thoughts INSIDE MY BRAIN!

In the Full Moon of Tricks and Treats and Maniacs Wreaking Havoc!

Ghoulish Bigfoot Zombie, a Creature and Beast, who is Pathetically Vulnerable (Like a Large, Spike Covered Club Ready to Bash in Your Cerebral Cortex). You Desire a Way Out as Your Blood Curdling Lifestyle (DEATHstyle?!) into Entrepreneurial Doom! YOU are Bigfoot Zombie!

Since YOU are Bigfoot Zombie, Your Only Hope for Escaping the Pain is to Tank the Disastrous Negative Feelings Swimming inside YOU. This could Impede and Even Become the So-Called Chain Breaking Trapdoor to YOUR Problems on the special day, the 31st. Will You Make it Out Alive as Others Seeking “Salvation” instead of “Scare-vation?” You Can Too if You are Able to Take a Gamble on Your Shocking Solution Locked behind Your Creepy Computer.

Negativity has Reared its Disastrous Blood Curdling Face of Horror that Will Put in the Tailspin

Working from home can be agony. You face your personal demons. You feel like a lunatic with someone in the shadows lurking there and watching you. They are ready to melt you down with their menacing plans.

Turn Off My Wounded Outlook!

But then you caution yourself. Why let them do what they do? Yes, you are not crazy, just someone who over thinks things. In truth, the being that is prodding you, torturing you, and making sure you do not experience the positive, is you, of course. You can be your own poisoning worst deceiving and scary comrade.

It is Ever Looming!

It is laughable you had even just hoped for a solution. If there was one you would be the last one to, have it? Or you are the one to take the lead and show the kindred spirits in pain the way out? But how, if you have been bumbling through this undertaking, like a bomb ready to be set off, can be the buffoon, how can you help with ghosts and goblins?

Bad Ruminations will Annihilate YOU!

You have inherited this shattering, frightening, frantic perception. Even writing things using words like epidemic (referring to the now looming third stage of the evil pandemic), or worrisome figments of the English language like “cataclysmic,” you have been making some forward motion toward showing others how to get beyond the hall of mirrors reflecting hopelessness.

All will be fine as long as what has splintered is NOT a mirror. But wait, you look into the shard of the looking glass and there is no reflection. Could it be?!

Yours in fright,

Count Bigfoot Zombie!