Fame Factor

He’s Elusive but Wants to be Marketed

It’s a little known fact that BigFootZombie had this site created by us because he wanted to get into “this website thing.”  The big guy contacted us recently by bird messenger saying he wanted to make a video. We at Home Business Achievers are not in the position right now to be doing things at no cost, so instead we created this video tutorial for him hoping he sees it from where ever he is. Here it is:

Another thing to keep in mind is that your video could be one of the first things they see on your site. This means that its script should make it clear to the viewer who you are and what you can do for them by either curing their disease or giving them hope.

Another consideration is that approximately 50% of your viewers will be watching your video on their phone, so it is important that you keep images and text in your video of a large size. This means that phone users will be able to better see what you have created for them.

As mentioned you can do this yourself on a video creation site or you can have someone else make it for you which is even better because it means of course that you are delegating and not weighing yourself down with monotonous tasks that waste your time. Additionally, you must be certain to end your video with a call to action or CTA. In other words, you must tell them the next steps they need to take to get what you are offering. At Home Business Achievers we have literally done hundreds of videos, many times for clients who are very well known. And each had its own unique CTA because each client had a different kind of offer to their viewers depending on who those viewers were.

CTAs can include having people subscribe to your newsletter and/or something that gives them an action to take right now in terms of buying from you immediately. If your service is digital such as an eBook PDF, MP4 video or Audio MP3 all the better. Why? Because they can buy from you what you have for them immediately. Your system can, after their purchase, digitally be downloaded by them, thereby requiring no follow up on you part.