Fame Factor

How to BigFoot Zombie Become So Darn Popular?

Some say achieving fame is like trying to find your way out of the cold with no clearly marked signs so you are unsure of which way to go.

Gaining popularity is  not an easy task as a human. So think about how difficult it is for a big scraggly creature who feels the need to keep the legend going in a challenging new world!

We interviewed Big Foot Zombie for this post. Asking him if he had any tips for marketing for not just monsters, but also for humans. That interview was then condensed to this one drawing from the big dude interview into an all out beginner’s marketing course. Additionally, BFZ often lapsed into talking about fundraising and money as being necessary. Yes, even legendary beasts need the stock market now and then.

In short, sometimes the sign or method to get out of the freezing temperature is marketing. Why marketing? Because marketing, especially online marketing, can create a kind of pathway to get warm again.

Follow Your Gut if You Have a Gut Worth Following

Why online marketing? Because it gets you thinking about the presentation you will make when you need to enter certain doors. But more on marketing in just a moment, first we are going to take a look at investing. Yes, it’s true, aggressively working the market alone can be your way to achieve being a billionaire. But just investing sometimes is not enough to keep it interesting. You want to have fun in your climb to the top, don’t you? That is where marketing comes in. Even in your stocks action you can involve promotion.

A Way of Looking at Getting Prominence

Ever notice there are some billionaires who are better known than others? That is no accident, because those figures are having a good time with their ascending process financially. The fact you are reading this now signals that you are at least partially interested in promoting yourself. Why? Because this guide involves marketing and marketing can often mean self-promoting. Promoting yourself with online marketing and any other technology that is coming in the future, can assist you with your investing.

People Will Treat You Differently if You are a Celeb

There are pros and cons regarding pushing the fame button. On the one hand doors will open to you if you are well known, but on the other hand if the camera is on you when you blunder, it is going to be magnified.