He is an entrepreneur!

All these years that B.Z. has been hiding out for some reason, then being seen every so often for the camera. We now know why. Like any Startup Introvert who has a business, “Sasquatch Undead” tries to be captured by the paparazzi lens as little as possible

The Never Ending Need to Make an Appearance

As we have been hinting at all these years, Mr. Zombie has his own company dedicated to keeping the hype alive. For a while there after a string of critics made it know they thought the pictures were fake and featured someone in a monkey suit. Bigfoot Zombie went into a long depression and identity crisis.

New Hope

But then a decade or so later, there was new interest in this primate and walking dead combo. Reality shows of a new kind surfaced that had as its sole purpose, the “scientific” approach to try to get an image of the big furry guy.

The Fascination Continues

This Sasquatch works remotely with the producers of these programs to make himself visible for a “sighting.” Apparently, his business is working, because there seems to be a lot of interest in him being caught on camera a distance away, but close enough to confirm his existence.