Yianni Stamas is offended that the Stamas Bros are searching for the mythical unicorn and not BigFootZombie

Is this the fabled beast?
Is this the fabled beast?

A riled up Yianni Stamas exclaimed:

“I don’t understand. The website is named BigFoot Zombie and yet the Stamas Bros continue to search for different mythical creatures than that. The NYC Water Dragon in the Harlem River was a recent quest and now an intentionally blurry picture of a so called unicorn. It’s got to stop. Focus on BigFootZombie Stamas Bros, not lizards in water and horses with a horn. It tarnishes the last name “Stamas” for Stamas’ all over the world.”

When asking the Stamas Bros why Yianni (a web designer, digital marketer, blogger and sometime filmmaker, educator and magician) was so insulted by searching for pretend creatures other than just BFZ, the Brothers were silent. Stamas Bro Aristotle refused to answer citing that he was busy on a skiing trip in Aspen and planned to go to Bermuda afterwards. Finally Stamas Bro Homer broke down and responded from the Empire State (New York). He had this to say:

“We (the Stamas Bros) understand Yianni Stamas’ concern. We have not been focused enough as guest bloggers on BigFootZombie.com and are getting kind of off topic. We know this confuses the audience and doesn’t reflect kindly on Stamas’ everywhere. For this reason we have great remorse.”

Just when Yianni Stamas was about to back off from criticising the Stamas Bros for baffling and convoluted messaging regarding fake beings from another dimension, the brothers known as Stamas were allegedly overheard by a private detective who was wiretapping their phones. Stamas Bro Aristotle apparently suggested that the bros go in search of Chimera, a fire-breathing three-headed monster with one head of a lion, one of a snake, and another of a goat, lion claws in front and goat legs behind, and a long snake tail.