Yianni Stamas Uncovers Bigfoot Zombie’s Age!

How Old is He?

We here at are very excited about yesterday’s Total Solar Eclipse and are intrigued to find out how many major eclipses this big hairy creature has experienced. Why? Because if we look at the eclipse timeline we might get a better idea on how old Bigfoot Zombie is, which is something he has never before been willing to disclose. We were also curious as to whether or not he was genetically linked to werewolves. And if so, will he howl when the eclipse occurs?

Will He Howl?

The results are in. He does not howl at the moon, but we can attest to the fact after watching the Total Solar Eclipse with him yesterday, he does seem to grunt more than usual. And yes, he shared with us the major eclipses he has lived through thereby indirectly revealing his age. Read below to see the list, courtesy of Wikipedia, of these eclipses as well as for the first time in history learn how many years this Sasquatch Undead has been among us.

Notable Eclipses During Bigfoot Zombie’s Life

29 May 1919: this total eclipse was photographed by Arthur Eddington to verify general relativity (see Eddington experiment)

20 June 1955: longest total eclipse between 1901 and 2000, lasting a maximum of 7 minutes and 8 seconds

30 June 1973: a Concorde jet flew along the path, thereby extending the length of totality to 74 min.

29 March 1987: second hybrid eclipse in less than one year

11 July 1991: Solar eclipse with the shortest gamma, of only -0.00412.

31 July 2000: the second solar eclipse within one calendar month, the first being on 2000 July 1.

14 December 2020: eclipse watched with B.Z.

We now know that our friend who wears a size 17 sneaker is at least 101 years old!